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A Southern Girl’s Back To School Shopping Memories

Yesterday as I was driving home, I had a memory of my mom. She passed September 13th, 2019 and I think about her almost every day.

It’s Shopping Time

One of the best memories I had was of us going to back to school shopping. My dad is retired military so we would go to Aafes PX. Because it is on a military installation it was tax-free. The original tax free shopping.

It had everything you needed: shoes, socks, underwear, backpacks, clothes, electronics, and school supplies. It reminds me of a mini Walmart.

After our back to school shopping, we would go to the Commissary and get a variety of snack foods. Candies, breakfast food, and other snacks to enjoy when I got home.

Back in those days, I would eat lunch at school and my dad would give me my lunch money. When I was a elementary school, it was $0.90. I would save the $0.10 and ride my bike (don’t forget a bike light for safety) to the gas station and get Atomic Fireballs. They were $0.05 each.

And Now It’s Time to Eat

After that, we would go to this little hot dog spot and get a chili cheese dog and a soda. We would enjoy it outside, it didn’t seem to be as hot as it is now.

We would go home after a long day of shopping and I would eagerly await the day when I could go back to school. Now, in the south, kids are going back as early as late July/early August. I didn’t go back until the middle of August.

As a southerner, time spent with family is important and those memories are especially important. It can be hard to remember good times with people who are gone. I never did thank my mom for doing those small things, that whole day of shopping that really meant the world to me.

For those parents who are taking their kids back to school shopping, realize it is an enjoyable experience that will never be forgotten.

If you have done any of the things, and more, as I had mentioned, I welcome you as a hononary southerner who enjoys shopping, eating, and spending time with family.

Enjoy going back to school y’all.