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Group of children playing with soap bubbles outdoors. Friends trying to catch the bubbles.

Being Southern: 25 things we love about being southern a culture of joy and pain

Being a southerner is a great source of joy and pain. Of course, we have the issues dealing with slavery, discrimination, painful memories of blacks being lynched, and the other horrible crimes committed by the others.

As a southerner, we are also aware of the great joys that abound. As A Southern Girl’s Needs is obviously about southerners, we wanted to share with you a list of the 25 things we love about being southern. As a small business, we have a variety of women of different ages and backgrounds that come together to start a new business to share the things we love and we wanted to share those things with you.

List of 25 things we love about being southern and especially our beautiful summers

  1. As soon as it gets hot, we put on flip-flops (even if we need a desperate pedicure)
  2. The enduring terms we use for our family members (cuz, me maw, grandmother, mamma, mommy, dad, auntie, aunt, unc, uncle, bro, sister, grandfather, granddaddy, nana, noni, and many more)
  3. Sweet tea made with enough sugar to put ourselves into a diabetic coma
  4. The water (pool, lake, ocean, fire hydrant, or water hose)
  5. Eating the sweet nectar off a honeysuckle bush
  6. How everything grows and tastes amazingly delish
  7. The sounds of insects and birds in the evening and morning
  8. Debating whether or not to put salt on our watermelons and cantaloupes
  9. Having a cook-out, bbq, or grilling whenever anyone comes over.
  10. Getting ready for football
  11. Mourning our loss of summer and having to return to school (considering graduate school? get your questions answered)
  12. Homemade vanilla ice cream
  13. Running home before the lights came on
  14. Saying yes ma’am and yes sir
  15. Holding open the doors
  16. Greeting everyone warmly
  17. Sitting by the pool (oh we already mentioned that) with a beer in our cooler and sunscreen (everyone needs it) and listening to our favorite music (consider piano, voice, or song writing lessons)
  18. Being a big brother or sister to anyone needed one. Are you considering a career change? Consider a career coach?
  19. Talking for hours on the about absolutely nothing
  20. Our adorable southern accents, something about the ladies from Savannah sound especially lovely
  21. Visiting one of many family-oriented locations such as the Appalachian Mountains, Six Flags, HotAtlanta, or Gaitlenburg
  22. Camping, fishing, biking, four-wheeling, swimming, running, golfing, basketball, anything to get us outside
  23. Mothers yelling at us to close the door as we rushed outside to meet our friends
  24. Cruising down the streets before we are able to drink
  25. Shopping and supporting small businesses.