You are currently viewing 6 Best Metal Wall Art Sculptures under $100:  A Modern Look to Any Southern Girl’s Home

6 Best Metal Wall Art Sculptures under $100: A Modern Look to Any Southern Girl’s Home

You’ve been looking at either your bare walls or are itching for a change in your current decorations. A southern girl’s home is open to finding and placing a variety of art on her walls.

Unfortunately, many of us good southern girls are confined to walls that consists of art that doesn’t inspire us much. Perhaps you are tired of landscape and pictures of your family. Time to upgrade and bring a modern look to any southern girl’s home.

Here are a list of the 16 best metal wall art sculptures that will provide inspiration and new look to your home.

#1: Modern Artisans Contemporary Gecko Lizard Aluminimum Metal Wire

This baby is big and light. Measuring about 20″ long but weighing only 2 pounds. Your new pal will look sleek as the sculpture creates a lifelike view of the lizard you looked at while outside in your garden.

Modern Artisans Contemporary Gecko Lizard Aluminum Metal Wire Wall Sculpture, Indoor or Outdoor, 20"

While not green, the metal tones will fit with any decor and will be an amazing asset to your home. Hand-made in the USA. Can be used indoor or outdoors.

#2: Colorful Tropical Fishes 3D

Lizards aren’t your thing? Perhaps another beautiful animal, a fish can provide a peaceful tranquil setting in your home. Metal ocean wall decor are hand-painted in cute patterns and gorgeous colors giving them a wonderful 3D metal decor animal look.

This fish sculpture is versatile and can be hung indoors or outdoors.

#3: T.I. Design Elegant Heron Facing Left Abstract Metal Wall Decor

Take it to the sky as you enjoy this masterfully USA made Heron Wall Sculpture. The beauty will remind you of days on the lake with your family. The warm southern sun drying you after a tiring day boating, fishing, and swimming.

This is carefully handcrafted with over 30 years of experinece with hand-selected materials, specially tested for for quality and durability.

#4: Ancient Graffiti Copper Love Birds in a Tree

Are you craving another bird sculpture but need a hint of color? The copper wall sculpture is perfect for you. The entire sculpture is entirely made of copper that is individually handcrafted. No air conditioning units were damaged for this material.

Imagine sitting inviting your family over to dinner and gazing at this gorgeous wall sculpture. Inspire stories and stay silent no more as you and your guess mull over this talking piece.

#5: Yardbirds Industrial Garden Woodpecker

Surprise your guest with this indoor / outdoor metal woodpecker sculpture. This unique pieces includes upcycled material including automotive and utensils. No one can accuse you of not thinking of the environment.

The woodpecker is designed to enliven any vertical surface throughout the season. This piece is perfect for walls, fence, or deck.

#6: Dragonfly in Cattails Rusted Metal Wall Hanging

We shall not forget our insects animals as well. Who can’t forget the buzzing of this light-winged friend who delighted us as children. Although bigger than most insects, there was always something magical about the way movement of dragonflies.

The apex of this piece is the dragonfly on cattails. Found in many southern homes, the cattails will transform you to a more peaceful tranquil time.

Create a magical wall landscape for the children’s room or nursery. The best part is that it is can be easily hung with lightweight picture hooks or small nails. Receive and hang the same day

These are a few wall art that we think would bring a taste of southern charm to any home!