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How to Shop for the Best Deals on Etsy 😲

Before I began selling on Etsy, I was a buyer on Etsy. While I loved what I got, I always like to get a better deal. I didn’t have the inside scoop on how to get the best deals, but now I do. Now, you will too. This article will share with you some insider tips on how to get the best deals on Etsy.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.


What can you buy on Etsy?

While Etsy first started off as an e-commerce store for handcrafted goods, you can find a full range of products that you would find on other websites such as Amazon and eBay.  Products on Etsy fall under the following categories:

  1. Handmade:  These are items that an individual makes.  These include home decor, clothes, face masks, food, toys, pet products, stickers, and jewelry
  2. Vintage: A vintage item is anything that was made at least 20 years ago. Therefore, anything made before the year 2000 is considered vintage.  
  3. Supplies to make things:  This is the category you can find a variety of goods such as packing supplies, jewelry supplies, yarn, and cards. 
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How to get the best deals on Etsy

  1. First, make sure the settings on your account allow for promotions by doing the following 
    1. Click on “You” on the upper right hand corner. 
    2. Click on the tab Emails
    3. Be sure your subscription has the box checked for Coupons and Promotions Receive special offers via email from Etsy shops you have made a purchase from, carted an item from, favorited, or added to a list.
  1. Most Etsy sellers have a coupon code that will be sent to you (a) after you leave something in your cart or (b) after you indicate an item as a favorite.  Unfortunately, many people miss out because they don’t haven’t done #1.  Once you have done either one of the above, leave the website and wait and the coupon will be emailed to you. Not all shops do this but it is worth it to try.
    • For example, I have 25% off my Etsy store if you do either one of the above
  2. Go to Etsy’s Coupon Code page found HERE.  I found coupon codes as high as 50% off.  For example, here is a code for 30% off for the store: My Sister’s Corner. I really like the The Cutest Woodland Wall Decor, Set of 4, Bear, Deer, Fox, Bunny, Print & Ship or Digital Download
  1. If the favorite and/or abandoned cart doesn’t work, contact the seller.  Many sellers want to make a sale and would gladly give you a discount.  This isn’t guaranteed but the worse they can say is no.  This is how you do it. 
    1. Click on an item you like 
    2. Click on the top of the page and look for the shop’s name and click on it. 
  • Next, click on contact 
  • Last, send them a nice email.  Something like this. “Hi Michele, I really like your shop.  I was wondering if you had any coupons for new customers.”  

You will probably have better luck if you choose a new shop that doesn’t have that many sales.  They are probably more likely to want to make that first sale and are more willing to provide you a coupon to use on your first order. 

  1. Find the shop owner on Instagram and see if they have their items on Instagram or on their own website.  For example, I am selling this 1986 Bessie Pease Gutman Collector Plate Good Morning Hamilton Collection for $16.99 here but selling it for $20.79 on Etsy. By looking up a shop on Instagram, I was able to go directly to their online store and get the same item at a lower cost. Not only did I save money but I also am allowing the small business to keep more of their money as Etsy does take a percentage of the sale, a win win. If you are lucky, you might get an abandoned cart email with a coupon code to save even more.  
Bessie Gutman Vintage 1986 Plate

Video on how to find an Etsy seller on Instagram and purchase from their store.

Some other ways to save

  1. Look for a code on EtsyCouponCode
  2. Shop for sales on EtsyonSale
  3. Sort by price (lowest to highest)
  4. Filter to view (a) items on sale (b) price (c) shop location (Reach out to the seller to see if you can do a local pick-up. If they have shipping costs included, they can eliminate the shipping cost. If they have free shipping, ask for a discount equivalent to the shipping cost).
  5. After your purchase, check the package for a discount code (or they might have their website listed)
  6. Join our Loyalty Rewards Program and earn points on your Etsy orders.

Video on how to use Etsy’s sort and filter to find the best deals


Shopping on Etsy is a great experience. You can find unique items that you can’t find anywhere. With a little extra work, which only takes minutes, you can save big money.

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