Monthly Like New Book Club Subscription

We have TONS of gently used books that are waiting for a new home.  Sign up for only $5 to get a book delivered to your home every month.  

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How does it work?

Each month, we send you a book that is in like new condition.  The book you will receive will be an adult fiction or non-fiction book.  We look for a variety of books that we know our readers enjoy. 


You will receive a book that is like new condition.  Oftentimes, this means that the book is new but due to storage it might have slight damage to the cover.  There will be no marks or writings in the book.  Many times our like new books could be considered new books. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What type of book can I expect to receive?

You will receive an adult fiction or non-fiction book that isn’t in a series.  This means that you won’t get a book that requires you to purchase another book to enjoy the entire book (Example, Game of Thrones)

Can I choose the book?

To keep the subscription costs low, we have decided to randomly select a different book to send to you.  

When will I get my first shipment?

We will send your first shipment within 2 business days of signing up.

Is shipping covered?

Yes the cost includes shipping via media mail. 

Why should I get a subscription versus just buying a book in store or online?

We think that people still enjoy getting something in the mail.  In addition, we also think that getting a different type of book might get you interested in discovering a new type of book or author to reignite your reading passions.  

Will I get the same book?

We keep track of the books that we send to you, so you won’t receive the same book twice.