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Product and Service Reviewers Needed

As we continue to add items that a southern girl needs, we want to reach out to other bloggers and influencers who would be interested in receiving our products or services and writing reviews.

We would love to find out how people, men, women, pets, friends, and family use the products we sell and promote. We also want to help our colleagues provide services that are of value to customers. We strive to continue to provide and promote reliable, high-value, high-quality products and services

What does reviewing consist of?

We are looking for people who are interested in reviewing products or services offered by us, or with other companies we work with. It might consists of a written review or creating an image or a video with you using the product.

Does it cost me anything?

Unlike other companies that require you to spend money, we provide the product to you and request you provide a review. If we ask you to submit a product review on a site where we are not in possession of the product or need you to pay-up-front, we will provide immediate compensation through PayPal for your purchase. We do not wait days or wait for you to submit a review to get compensated.

Do I get paid for reviews?

To avoid conflict of interest or violating any other business TOS, we do not provide a compensation for a review. You may receive a complimentary product or service at no cost to you.

Where do I submit my review?

We may ask you to review an item on a website we own or on our other e-commerce platform.

Do I need to have a specific rank or number of followers to be a product reviewer?

Absolutely not. We like to have honest opinions from a variety of people.

Sounds good where do I sign up?