Find some of the best classic and new twist on our favorite southern recipes.

Instant Pot Sweet Iced Tea RecipeBy asoutherngirlsneedsClassic Sweet Iced Tea is a delicious, quick and refreshing drink. This 3 ingredients recipe tastes way better than any store brought ice tea drinks. Stove top and Instant pot Instructions.
Lemon Basil Iced TeaBy asoutherngirlsneedsCombine lemon and basil, a common cooking combination, in this refreshing tea drink. Serve over ice.
Triple Berry Iced Green TeaBy asoutherngirlsneedsThree flavors of berries brought together with sweet green tea, topped with frozen berries. Serve it to help cool off spicy meals, outside on the porch or at the pool on a hot day.
Southern Strawberry Sweet TeaBy asoutherngirlsneedsJuicy strawberries, a bit of sugar, and some lemons—along with just a few simple steps—make this Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea an easy summer favorite.
Hibiscus Sweet Tea SangriaBy asoutherngirlsneedsEasy recipe to be make a refreshing unique sangria made with tea, tequila, simple syrup, and wine.
Barbecue Hash Brown CasseroleBy asoutherngirlsneedsA twist on traditional hash browns with this barbeque casserole. A few simple ingredients including barbeque sauce, cheese, onions, and potato chips makes this a new family tradition. Adding your left over pulled pork gives this a new spin on a classic southern breakfast stable.