Tazo Tea Glazed Lemon Loaf Dessert Delights Herbal Tea 15 Bags


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TAZO Glazed Lemon Loaf Tea Bags feeds your cravings of lemon loaf with tangy notes of lemon and velvety creamy vanilla. Why spend 50 minutes cooking lemon loaf when you can brew this tea in your favorite cup. This indulgent tea blend is carefully presented in 15 individually wrapped black tea bags to preserve the flavor you love! Add a bag of Glazed Lemon Loaf tea to your cup, top it up with hot water and let it brew for 5 min to release the aroma. At TAZO, we're on a quest to be the world's most unexpected tea makers. We explore unexpected blends. We tell unexpected stories to go with them. Witty, entertaining, unconventional stories of TAZO drinkers: People seeking to brew the unexpected in every aspect of their lives. We're always curious, always seeking, always questioning. What's this? What's that? We love to get right in there and mix it up. We're half curious kid, half intrepid explorer, half undaunted alchemist. Yes- one and a half. It's the unpredictable, the unforeseen that drives us. They drive us away from our safe comfort zone in a commandeered golf cart or on the first flight we could find to who knows where or to the last stop of the subway, whichever gets us to points unexplored. That spirit? We bring it to tea. We do it through vibrant, unexpected blends with a twist that unlock the undiscovered flavors the world has stashed away. TAZO Glazed Lemon Loaf Tea allows you to revel in the swirl of tangy lemon and velvety creamy vanilla You will enjoy the warm sensations of this aromatic tea blend. This is how to treat yourself without the feeling of guilt Sugar and Calorie free A delicious treat that is Keto-friendly Best enjoyed hot for a mouth-watering experience.

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