How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper by Barbara Gastel and Robert A. Day


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6th edition To be useful, scientific research needs to be explained clearly to others–to colleagues, to administrators, to foundations and governmental bodies, and to the public. This thoroughly revised edition of the classic How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper gives beginning scientists and experienced researchers alike practical advice on writing about their work and publishing what they write. The core of the book consists of a "how-to" guide to writing and publishing research articles for scientific journals, explaining every step of the process, from choosing a suitable journal for your work to presenting the results and citing references. In addition to the information on writing for scientific journals, this book provides additional advice for the scientist of the 21st century: – What ethical issues are important in scientific publishing? – What should a scientist know about rights and permissions? – How does a scientist write a grant proposal, or prepare progress reports for administrators? – What should a scientist know to work well with the media, or to write for a general audience? All of this practical information makes How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper the essential guide that scientists need for succeeding in the competitive environment of today. Outside North America, a cloth edition is available through Greenwood International UK and a paperback edition through Cambridge University Press UK.

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