The Notebook (DVD, 2005)


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Based on the popular Nicholas Sparks novel, “The Notebook” is a romantic movie starring Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun and Rachel McAdams as Allie Nelson. In this DVD, Noah Calhoun is a blue collared log mill worker and Allie Nelson belongs to a very wealthy family. During one glorious summer in this romantic movie, the teenagers Noah and Allie meet each other, become good friends and eventually fall in love. But when Allie’s rich and snobby parents learn about this, they decide to separate her from the mill worker. True love never dies and so Allie and Noah meet each other seven years later in “The Notebook”. “The Notebook” DVD also includes various interesting features like 12 deleted scenes with optional director commentary, Southern Exposure: Locating “The Notebook” featurette and also the casting of Rachel and Ryan featurette.

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